Condo Information

Here is the information for your stay.  Take a look at it and let us know if you have any questions.  You will want to print this info and take it with you so that you will have it available for your reference and arrival procedures for the condo.

You will have a blast!
The Owners
JR Robinson, Sal Schamante
La Vida Fina Luxury Condo
Tessoro #302

check-in and arrival

We have tried to take all the hassle out of the Check-in and Check-out process.  You do not need to go to a check-in desk or to a lobby to check-in or to check-out.  You simply go to the unit and enter the door code given (sent separately) and start enjoying your vacation.  Check-out, you just pack the car and leave.  We do the rest.

All the doors in our unit(s) have electronic door codes and you should receive these a few days prior to your arrival.  If you have not received them 2 days before your reservation date, please contact us. 

Planning your trip

Property Manager at Tessoro is Manuel Martinez.  He can take care of any special needs, speaks several languages, knows Penasco like the back of his hand and is a class act.  Manuel can answer most of your questions, set up anything you might need for you stay and will gladly do so.  He and Gaspar, his right hand man, know the best fishing spots in the nearby estuary and can set you up with gear or be your personal guides. If you use them for concierge services, please tip them accordingly.  They work tirelessly for the owners and guests of the resort to bring you the best Penasco has to offer.
You can contact Manuel directly at:
(480) 463.3192     (His Magic Jack)
011 52 1 638.380.5179     (Manuel's cell)
Dial from the condo phone:  **005 to reach Manuel anytime.
Dial from the condo phone:  **011 to reach Security 24/7


- Drive time: from Phoenix/ Tucson is about 3hrs 45 minutes. If you are not familiar with how to get to Puerto Penasco and Tessoro please see the driving directions listed later in this message below.

- Mexican Insurance - most people stop at one of the gas stations in AJO or WHY Arizona and get Mexican Insurance and fill up with gas before the border crossing. At least liability insurance is required by law.  You can also stop at any place you see "Mexican Insurance Sold" signs.

- Water/Ice - Condo has great water through Reverse Osmosis systems at the kitchen sinks.  You can fill water bottles here as well.  In the main Kitchen, the ice maker is hooked up to the RO System so the ice from the fridge is also good. 

- High Speed Wireless Internet - We have free wireless available at our condo. No code is required and it is broadcast from a router in the kitchenette.  There is also free wireless from Tessoro around the pool area.  It also does not need a code.

- Phone calls -  The condo has MAGICJACK phone service provided for you free of charge.
You may also RECEIVE CALLS TO THE CONDO at the following number:

480-822-SAND    or   480-822-(7263)    ** THIS IS THE WHITE PHONE

Another option is to use SKYPE to make calls out from the condo back to the states using the high speed wireless for video or regular calls for free.  For Cell Phones, AT&T wireless service works down there and has good coverage.  International rates apply. Texting is a cheaper alternative and works well.

There are other phones in the condo (the non-white phones) that are used to contact the front gate or other condos at the resort.
Dial from the condo phone:  **005 to reach Manuel anytime  or  **011 to reach Security 24/7

- Food - This depends on your style.  Most of us just fill a cooler prior to going with the breakfast cereal, eggs, milk etc and lunch stuff so you can just hang out isolated at the condo and relax.  The condo has every convenience like coffee makers, pots, pans, blenders, toasters, etc. and almost anything you need to serve them.  Some people like to cook in and never leave the resort. For those that like to go into town for dinner.  There are some really great restaurants that are reasonably priced and we have a guestbook at the condo with some of our favorite picks or better yet, you can refer to the updated list we keep on VRBOs Hospitality App online.  (The condo is about 10-15 minute drive from the main resturaunt and shopping areas of Penasco, the area called the "Malecon", and it is easy to go in to grab some good meals)

- Bar and Grill at Tessoro - After the last economic slow down, many of the resorts closed down their bars and restaurants and have been slow to reinstate them.  Tessoro is no different.  Food is limited there.  Instead, we bring our own food or go into town for lunch and/or dinner.  Located in the Estuary nearby (a 10 mile drive) is the famous Oyster Farm & restaurant where local fisherman have fresh Ceviche and fresh Oysters that are excellent. The swim up bar is normally not tended, so it is best you make sure to bring your own supply of alcohol for consumption. We condo owners actually prefer this.  Why pay inflated resort rates for alcohol when you can bring your own?  Please, no glass bottles at the pool.  The condo is stocked with all the required wine glasses, margarita glasses, etc. and has a great patio to enjoy your cocktails on.


Most of us stop in AJO or Why for Gas.  South on 85 to Lukeville, AZ.  Cross border at Lukeville, follow signs to Puerto Penasco through Sonoyta and take 8 to Penasco.

You can usually make it down to Penasco and back to Why/Ajo on one tank of gas.  Then back to Phoenix/Tucson/CA.

Getting there - DIRECTIONS

(Maps can be found at the following link)

- DRIVING DIRECTIONS - (descriptions below)  Southern Route - if in the East Valley.  Western Route - if in the West Valley.  Other parts of the Phoenix area - your call. Tucson - Tucson Route.

The southern Route:

Take I-10 east towards Tucson, then 347 to go to Maricopa. Arriving ing Maricopa, take AZ-238 towards (Mobile) and Gila Bend.  Pick up 85s from there to Lukeville, AZ.  Cross border at Lukeville, follow signs to Puerto Penasco through Sonoyta and take 8 to Penasco.

The Western Route:

Take I-10 west towards Los Angeles, then 85s through Gila Bend all the way 
Lukeville, AZ.  Cross border at Lukeville, follow signs to Puerto Penasco through Sonoyta and take 8 to Penasco.

Tucson Route: 

Take 86 to Why, AZ then 85s from there. 


Stay on 8 through town until you see the "huge" LAS CONCHAS sign.  Make a left there on Freeport Rd until you see a sign directing you to Tessoro or Las Conchas.  Follow Las Conchas Rd until you arrive at the Las Conchas Gate. Advise them you are a guest at Tessoro.

- Drive 5 miles to end of Las Conchas while enjoying looking at the very nice beach houses along the way.  Watch for speed bumps.

arriving at tessoro - now what?

- Arrival at Tessoro's Gate - Tell the gate guard you are a guest of Tessoro and the unit #, he will have you sign in.  You will then drive straight into the underground parking garage and find a space towards the back, closest to the ocean. No check in required!  Go straight to the condo.

- Keys - Note:  All doors are opened by electronic keypad locks.  Keys are not required.  You just need to park, find the elevator (02) and take it up to the condo.

- Elevators - There are 3 elevators in our unit's tower.
Looking at them from left to right:  Elev 02 / Service Elev / Elev 01.

The elevator you will use is the 02 elevator or the service elevator to access the condo (unit #302)

For your initial arrival, with all your luggage and coolers, you may want to load up the much larger service elevator to the 3rd floor verses using the 02 elevator.  If you use the service elevator option, you will exit the elevator into the stairwell area and will see the side door that leads into our unit.  It will have a small wood sign "La Vida Fina" next to the door.  Enter your private access door code as given (star * only required on main door).  This will let you into the foyer of our condo. Initially you may have to go through the secondary entrance which is straight across into the KITCHENETTE Door to gain access to the unit (the front Main door is usually locked from the inside).  After you unlock the front door, you will be able to use the main entry for the rest of your stay.

- Take a look around, Stow your stuff and get situated.

- Open doors and pour Margaritas, catch sunset on balcony

- Enjoy the beautiful surroundings, the private beach, and the Interiors La Vida Fina has to offer!!



Check in time is 4:00 p.m

Check out time is 11:00 a.m.

Check with us if you plan to arrive before 4 pm and we can tell you if there is a chance for you to enter the condo early (if maids are finished cleaning).  Check out time is firm.  The condo is very labor intensive to clean and usually takes the maids a minimum of 3 hours to clean.  Please don't delay someone else's vacation by checking out late.  


We hope you enjoy the condo, the beautiful scenery and that we are able to provide you with an experience you will not forget.  Thank you for being our guest!  if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to call.


La Vida Fina Luxury Condo
JR Robinson, Sal Schamante
Tessoro unit #302